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Family News

danderson-family2006.jpgThis page is about the journey of members of my family…Hope you enjoy!

Kathi and I have three wonderful children and four very precious grandchildren of whom we are very proud.

Chad is our oldest. He was born in 1971 in Fort Worth, Texas while I was in seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He spent most of his life in West Virginia until recently. While attending high school, Chad excelled as a basketball player and cross-country runner as well as being a member of the All-County band. He attended Marshall University and was co-captain of the cross country team. It was while running cross country that he met and married Joelle Mallila from New Hampshire. They moved there and Chad graduated from Keene State University. They later moved back to West Virginia where Chad taught for several years at Teays Valley Christian School. He also was Athletic Director and coached both middle and high school basketball, leading the middle school team to an undefeated record and leading the high school team to runner-up in the state championship game. In the spring of 2005 Chad took a position as history teacher in San Antonio, Texas at Castle Hills First Baptist School. Joelle is a wonderful wife and mother and has become like a daughter to us. She also has become a teacher of pre-school children. Whatever she does is done with passion and love for all her little charges. In addition Joelle has tried her hand at coaching volleyball and basketball and is becoming quite good in her own right. In August of 2007 Chad was approached by Cornerstone Christian School in San Antonio to become the Head basketball coach and Athletic Director for all basketball operations. Joelle also took a position at the same school, coaching Cross Country, Basketball, and track.

Stacye is also a native Texan, born in Fort Worth in 1972. Growing up in West Virginia she was our little scholar, sailing through her private school education and graduating second in her class as Salutatorian. In addition she was first chair flute in the high school band, and a member of All-County Band. Following high school Stacye, following her natural gifts of loving and caring about others, graduated from the prestigious St. Mary’s School of Nursing and then surprised us by meeting and marrying her wonderful Spanish gentleman, Fernando Ibanez. After working as a nurse for a short time in Sarasota, Florida, Stacye made her way to West Virginia to join her new husband and she began work at Charleston’s Womens and Childrens Hospital in the Neo-natal ICU as well as being a leader in their excellent Transport program. Fernando, is a great husband and father and Kathi and I love him very much. Fernando played college basketball for both Marshall University and The University of Charleston, Charleston, WV. He is the Webmaster for the State Department of Education in West Virginia. His website is one of the best in the nation among state departments of education. Check it out @

Nathan is our only native West Virginian. He was born in Charleston in 1976. From the beginning he has been our drama king and socialite. From the earliest days of his life he had the ability to make people around him feel good about themselves. His quick wit and humor have always been a blessing to his family and friends. Nathan has always been a person who cares deeply about others, makes friends easily. Kathi and I are known as Nathan’s parents by many who know him. We have no name…just Nathan’s parents. His high school years led him to several awards, including All-County Chorus, and a number of school productions. After graduation from high school Nathan worked in West Virginia and Indiana as a bank teller and also attended the University of Indianapolis for 1 year. Through the years he has honed his singing skills, being trained by some of the finest teachers in classical voice. After college Nathan made a major move to New York City, attended and graduated from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Now he is one of New York’s budding actors, waiting for his break. While waiting he toured with a few road and summer stock groups building his resume’. Most recently, however, he has been hired by the very Pestigious Julius Baer financial investment group as an Administrative Assistant.

Kathi and I have four wonderful grandchildren:

marshallcornerstone1.jpgMarshall David Anderson is the eldest of Chad and Joelle. He is a “chip” off both his mother and dad. His athletic ability became evident early as he raced around their house with the speed of light (I am the grandfather you know). He now is in the seventh grade. A handsome young man, don’t ya think? Last year he was the MVP on the Middle school B team and achieved the ‘hustler’ award for the A team in basketball. Marshall also enjoys running and playing golf. But the thing that makes his Imee and Poppaw the most proud is that his greatest desire is to be a spiritual leader.

hayley-cornerstone2.jpgHayley is in the 5th grade and her parents tell us she is becoming quite the tennis player. She practices hard and puts her heart into it. This is phenomenal considering she is a ‘mommy’ to about 100 Barbie dolls. Hayley has a real heart for prayer and a faith to match. When she prays, God seems to listen. She also works harder at playing than most adults do at their jobs. Poppaw and Imee are very proud of her.