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Doodlebug Club

danderson-family2006.jpgKathi and I have four wonderful grandchildren.  Each of them is special in his/her own way.  Marshall, our oldest, is quite the athlete, excelling in running and basketball.  Hayley, is the premiere little girl of all time.  Her imagination and childlikeness is something to be envied.  I challenge almost anyone to work as hard as she plays.  For her it’s a fulltime job.  Lucas is a very handsome young man and an excellent athlete and student in his own right.  He, much like his mother, cannot stand to get any grade lower than an ‘A’.

p4180158.JPGGabriel is a very special young boy.  He is a member of the Doodlebug club.  This club is a very exclusive one.  There are only two members.  The main requirement is that you have to have a mother who calls you by placing “Doodlebug” at the end of your first name.  I have the privilege of being President of this club by virtue of my age.  My mother referred to me as “Davey Doodlebug”.  Now this was when I was very young.  So don’t get any bright ideas of addressing me by that name unless you have a death wish.  Our daughter Stacye, never knew I had such a name, but when Gabe was born, she began to call him “Gabey Doodlebug”.  Gabe and I are alike in more ways than our nicknames.  Neither of us likes school much and asking us to sit quietly for long periods of time is a little bit unrealistic.  We both  can dream really big dreams and our vision of what we want to be  and the things we want to accomplish is often clouded by pesky little life details  such as: clean your room, take a bath or study your spelling and take out the trash.  Gabe and I both try very hard to do what is expected of us but we are very sensitive and we can notice a cramp in the leg of a fly on the wall fifty yards away.  Because of that we can get distracted easily.  We eventually get to where we’re going.  We just take a more circuitous route than some.

Stacye, Gabe’s mom and our daughter, told me a story about him that made me so proud.  Gabe chose to play soccer again this year.  It’s great when a person finds their place.  Gabe found his as “goalie”.  He is so good at goalie that the other teams have a difficult time scoring on him.  In one particular game he had stopped the ball from going in the goal time after time.  Unfortunately, on one occasion, one slipped past him.  He was very upset with himself (That’s the way we ‘doodlebugs’ handle our failures).  The coach instructed him how to jump and how to stoop to stop the ball.  While the ball was on the other end of the field, Gabe would practice his moves.  Fewer balls got past him.  Recently, Stacye and Fernando had planned a trip to the New River Gorge Bridge for ‘Bridge Day’.  When she told the boys they were excited but Gabe remembered he had a soccer game.  Stacye wisely let him make the decision about whether to go with them or to play in the game.  He took quite some time to think about what to do (That is very unlike Doodlebugs).  He decided he would go with the family.  At practice he told the team he would not be there and his teammates were really sad and asked him to ‘pleaaaaaaseeee’ play in the game.  They told him he was the best goalie ever.  He came home and told his mother that he thought he should stay and play.  She said that would ok and that he could stay with one of his friends.  When Stacye called the mother of his friend, they said Gabe could stay with them but their son would not be there.  He was going to spend the night with another friend.  This put a ‘wrench’ in the works, if you know what I mean.  Doodlebugs don’t do well with change.  But Gabe thought a little more.  He decided he would go anyway.  He went to his friend’s house and stayed with his friend’s parents without his friend being there all so he could be faithful to his place on the team.  You know what I think.  I think the Church needs some ‘Doodlebugs’.  We can be emotional, flighty, frustrating and a number of other things but, if we put our heart and soul into something, we are the kind of guy you want on your team.  Oh yeah, Gabe went to the game and played  and guess what?  Yep! You’re right!  Nobody scored on him.  Yeah Doodlebugs!


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