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dkwedding.jpgToday, June 7th, Kathi and I celebrate 40 years of marriage.  I can honestly say, as I look back upon those years that I have at least two views.  One, it seems but a short while.  Two, it seems like a lifetime.  Now before you ladies out there start calling me names associated with the animal which produces ham and pork chops, please give me a chance to explain.  Whew!! 


Life really does go by fast.  In fact, sometimes it nearly seems to fly.  Perhaps an experience that convinced me of that occurred about three years ago when we joined our daughter, Stacye and family in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania to watch our son, Nathan perform in a  summer stock presentation of “Seussical the Musical”.  Nathan played the part of the Mayor of Whoville.  Upon arrival, Kathi and I soon discovered that we were in the same area where we honeymooned more than 3 ½ decades previously.  We anxiously took everyone to see the beautiful Resort where we had spent those first precious days of our new life together.  However, when we arrived…it had all been torn down.  All that was left of the beginning of our life there were the memories in the hearts of two people, who were left standing and wondering where the time had gone.

Let me get to the second observation I mentioned: ‘it seems like a lifetime’.  Now, by the grace of God, Kathi and I have reached 40 years together, and folks it has been a ‘Lifetime’.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really wouldn’t trade those years.  There are some experiences I would like to have back and, as we say in golf, “have a do-over”.  However, the years we have been married have been a Journey.  That’s what 40 years are anyway, right?  The Bible has numerous instances of the number 40: Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness, Jesus was tested by the devil for 40 days, and it rained on Noah for 40 days and nights.  Those who study ‘numerology’ talk about the meaning of that number as a sign of testing, trial, or judgment.  I concur, but I see within the testing and trial a deeper meaning.  Could it be that 40 also represents a ‘Journey’? 

  A Journey is supposed to teach one something.  I think it would be terribly sad to spend a lifetime’ on this orb and not to have learned a few things about one’s self while here.  I’ll be the first to say that I’m, perhaps, not the sharpest pencil in the drawer’, but after 40 years I think I’m starting to ‘get it’.  Jesus is teaching me that life is not about me…It’s not about you either.  Life is about Christ.  My presence here is as one of those very special portions of Him.  I have been placed in the arena called ‘Life’ in order to help draw the focus of the Universe unto the only One worthy to receive all praise and honor.  Another thing I’m learning is life is about relationships.  Incidentally, marriage is about that too.  Now, Kathi already knew that, but guys like me take a little longer to realize the importance of the human connection.  We’re all about individual’ and ‘independent’.  Success in life can never be realized outside of relationships.  God knew that so he made the family, and the Church.  An attack upon the family is an attack upon the very core of human existence, and society in her essence.  Still another important issue is the possibility of change.  Although Kathi and I have journeyed together 40 years, neither of us is the same person as we were those many years ago.  I wish I would have changed more in our journey together.  I’ve made some pretty good choices in life, but I’ve also made some that nearly curl my eyebrows. 

Lastly,the Lord has taught me much from my sweetheart.  She is the one who has shown me the way of love towards neighbors, friends, and parishoners.  Her timely words of encouragement, and sincereity in getting to know each one and what makes them ‘tick’ has been a key to her own heart, and the heart of God towards his children.  Hours she’s spent through the years preparing gifts, meals, etc for family, the lonely, brokenhearted and servants of the community both inspire and convict me.  The smile which comes across the face of some American Armed Forces person when she determinedly seeks them out to say, ‘Thank You’ reminds me of the determination which God has in seeking each of us out.  But most of all her consistent hunger for Christ through these years has taught me the importance of perserverance, as she has stood by my side and often led the challenge and charge to and for the Church.

 My deepest regrets are that I wasn’t a better husband and father.  My grandest hope is that there is more change yet to come.  Through this 40 years’ journey Kathi and I have had a lot of stuff to learn and a lot left to finish.  One thing, however, I don’t regret in this journey, by God’s grace, is the one I chose to walk with me in it.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, SWEETIE!  It’s been a lifetime, but, oh how very short.

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