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There are no words to express the sense of purpose and destiny I experienced as I walked with my brothers and sisters in Christ all the way from uptown New York City to downtown toward the place known then and now as…’Ground Zero’.  It was as though we were making our way to a funeral.  All along the way people stopped us asking the same question, “What do you mean about these sticks?”  Police officers, Wall Street Lawyers, homeless, business men and women, each from varied tribes, tongues and nations, all stopping us wanting to know the story of the sticks.  Each time we took a few moments to give witness to our Lord, and give the message that ‘God wants us to be one nation united under one God’.  We asked those to whom we witnessed to take a stick and spread the message.  How thrilling it was to watch hundreds of people walking away from us into the massive sea of people carrying the Gospel message. 

ground-zero.jpgDuring the four trips we made to NYC we gave away  between 1300 and 1500 sticks, and each one taking a vital message for our nation to people who were desperately trying to find their way.    It was a crisp October morning and had the sky not been obscured by the smoldering ruins of Ground Zero, I’m sure it would have been very blue.  All around us were the unmistakable smells of smoldering death.  The closer we got to the place where the Towers had fallen the more it felt as though we were going to a funeral.  As we approached Ground Zero we came upon a Baptist group, who had set up a Prayer Station on the street corner.  We paused to have prayer with them and to tell them why we were there.  We joined our hands in a circle very near where the towers had fallen and began to pray for the suffering family members left behind, our wayward nation, and for those who were to find Christ through this horrible ordeal.  When we opened our eyes, there was a great number of people who had joined us in prayer.  One was a man from China, who was working in NYC, and who had been on the 40th floor of the South Tower.  At the end of the prayer, he said, “Why was I spared?  Why did I get out, when so many thousands lost their lives?”  One of our brothers took him aside and shared the Good News with him that Jesus came to save sinners and that Christ had a wonderful purpose for his life.”  This precious Chinese man bowed his head and in a very sacred moment he received the Eternal Life of the Father and the Son.  He was transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. 

There are numerous stories such as this of people, whose lives have been transformed because a few Christians cared enough to go to a hurting city and nation and carry ‘sticks’ with a message.  In fact, we became known on the streets as ‘THE STICK PEOPLE’. alisha-nyc.jpg  Sounds like something out of a Sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? We wore the name, however,  as a badge of honor. 

On another occasion   We were standing with hundreds of others looking over a baracade towards the smoldering ruins.  It was so quiet that one could almost here a mouse sneeze.  Hundreds of people standing, looking and yet each one alone with his/her private thoughts.  Suddenly, the Lord led for our group to begin to sing.  We were not a choir, but God anointed our singing in such a way that people were weeping.  All at once a young woman approached me with tears in her eyes.  Her name is Alicia.  She was in her apartment several floors above us and heard us singing.  She ran down the stairs and onto the street.  Breathlessly she asked who we were and why we were singing.  I tried to tell her of our and God’s  love for the nation and our participation in the grieving of the city and the nation over this tragedy.  I also shared with her how we had come to bring a little hope  in the midst of tragedy.  She related the account of that awful day when her husband had gone to work  in the North Tower.  She continued her story between sobs to say that the explosions had been beyond something she could explain.  The terror was still fresh upon her face and in her voice.  She spoke of trying desperately to find her husband and fearing the worst.  Thankfully, her husband made it out safely, but both  had been left with questions, doubts and fears that would be impossible to explain to anyone.  She said when she heard us singing that God put hope in her heart.  and she thanked me over and over for coming to NYC to share the love of God.  She said, “We need it now!”  In the picture above I have just offered her the opportunity of being an ambassador of hope to her city by taking an Ezekiel Stick and the blessed message of hope it represented.  She was amazed  I was giving her an Ezekiel Stick, but she received it with gladness and went forth to share the love of God. 

Watchman Nee, the humble Chines Evangelist,  once said, “To be used of God once in a lifetime is worth a lifetime of living.”  I am a very blessed man.  My times of being used by him are too numerous to count.  In the midst of tragedy it is human nature to ask, “Why?”  Many of the people we talked with asked this question.  Most wanted to know what such an even meant for them personally.  Suffering without reason gives hopelessness, but, if man can find a reason for his suffering, then he usually becomes more the person he was meant to be.  Thankfully, we had a message to give that offered hope beyond reason.  As we walked those human-laden streets those days,we offered not an abstract hope, but rather a God of hope, who has suffered as we have and has become victorious through it all.  

Why some made it out of the Towers alive and others didn’t, I do not know.  I do know that after September 11, 2001 I have never been the same, not just because I have suffered, but because I have found hope and meaning for life beyond the typical, daily, ‘grind-it-out’ stuff for which most people live. For what are you living today? God forbid, if tragedy should strike our nation again, and threaten the very foundation of our lives, do you have a hope beyond what this world can offer?  How deep does the reason for your living go?  Does it go beyond the daily, ‘gind-it-out’ stuff? Selah!  Think about it.

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  1. WOW…… that’s powerful stuff.

    It reminds me of last week as I did fire estimate on a home were an elderly lady had lost here husband. I am not usually one to be at a loss for words; but that day I felt as such. After everyone left and I started working my estimate (alone in the home); I kept walking by this cane on the floor. I felt sure that it must have been her husbands cane because the elderly lady did not walk with one. I felt much led to this cane but just ignored it because I had no idea what symbolic meaning that it could have had.
    Now I feel as if that question in my mind has been answered and this cane kind of represents the stick and should be used as such to open the door to speak with this lady as God leads.

    Thanks, Ken