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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known – Philippians 3:10


waterfall.jpgThe following is a copy of a dream by Cynthia Nichols.  I don’t know Cynthia.  I normally wouldn’t publish something by someone I do not know, but the words of this dream pierced the spiritual hardness of my heart.  As I read it, the words to the old gospel song came to my mind: “Does Jesus Care”.

Today as I meditate upon the tremendous sacrifice of God in His Son, Jesus Christ, upon the cross, I am made more keenly aware that God showed in a most extravagant manner how very much HE cared.  Sadly, We, His church, may have some rethinking to do on just how much ‘we’ care.  After all, the world will never know how much HE cares, if they can’t see that We care.



-Cynthia Nichols.

Going With The Flow

I saw a wide stream flowing past where people stood on either side.  As the murky black water neared a precipice it flowed faster and ran deeper.  A strong undertow drew it to the point where it roar headlong over the edge.

In the gathering darkness, which made the stream appear even blacker, a girl came drifting past.  Those watching saw her, and from where they stood, could quite easily have grabbed her before she reached the rapids above the falls. But they didn’t…

They murmured and pointed, even referred to her by her name, but no one ventured to help pull her out of the currents’ ever increasing strength. They were still pointing and murmuring when she tumbled over the falls and was gone.  One piercing scream drifted back to their ears and for a brief moment, they looked a bit distressed.  But, it was a very brief moment indeed and then they simply picked up where they left off -murmuring and pointing as yet another person drifted into view…..

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