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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known – Philippians 3:10


ducks-in-a-row.jpg Living by faith is a term easily tossed around by us evangelicals.  But, in my limited experience, faith is only a word until you have to put it into practice.  Kathi and I had received word from God, “Get up! Go Away! This is not your resting place!  Now, what were we to do?  We humans like to have our spiritual ducks lined up  in a row, but in the life of faith it seems God is all about ‘leaning not to your own understanding’.
Finally, I decided I needed to talk with the Senior Pastor.  I told him I felt strongly the call to preach the gospel and did not think I needed to continue in pre-school and day care.  Furthermore, I told him I thought both of us should speak to the two spiritual leaders, who helped arrange my placement in the Church in Sarasota, and seek the guidance of the Lord as to where my ministry might fit best.  He agreed.  I told him Iwould not leave him without a proper director and would stay on the job and help train someone.  Unfortunately, someone close to him apparently put pressure on him and in a couple of days he asked me to give sixty (60) days notice, saying, “That’s how they do it in the business world…”  There go those pesky little ducks, if you know what I mean?  Now, I was a minister without any place to go, and had to be gone in two-months time.
I was anticipating word from the ‘man of God’ and my former Senior Pastor from WV.  That Senior Pastor had hinted that he had talked to the ‘man of God’ and apparently the Lord had confirmed there was a Church looking for a pastor, where my gifts and calling would be a good fit.  There was an interim pastor in that position, however, and he needed to be consulted, before any final decision was made.  Woops!  There go the ducks again!  This time tragedy struck.  It seems my dear ‘Senior Pastor’ from WV had a serious moral failing and had suddenly left town.  Of course, the main concern was for him, his family and the precious congregation in WV, all who were reeling from such a devastating blow.  But, as the old saying goes, “…Here I stand in the moonlight abandoned by women and men, saying over and over, ‘I’ll never eat onions again’.”onion-breath.jpg  Now I, too, am really in a fix.  No one is either available or interested in seeing I get to a place of ministry, and I’ve got less than (60) days before I need to leave and go…well…somewhere.  Can you ladies imagine what my wife was going through at this point?  To her credit she was stalwart and resolute in faith that we follow our new-found, desire  to ‘know Christ and to make him known’.
A meeting was called by the ‘man of God’ and several hundred people were planning on going.  I asked the Senior Pastor in Sarasota, if I could go to the meeting, since people from our Church in WV were going to be there and I thought our being there might bring some encouragement.  He said it was, OK!  However, when I returned a few days later, he said they would pay me for a few weeks, but that I should give up my position immediately.  In essence I guess I got fired.  They said it was for insubordination.  For the life of me I still cannot figure that one out.  Will somebody please find my ducks?  
Some dear friends of ours from West Virginia were living and working temporarily in Warner Robbins, Georgia.  Terry’s company was building a Lutheran Church.  Kathi and I shared our situation with Terry and Bonnie and Terry said, Pastor Dave why don’t you just come to Warner Robbins and work for me for a while?  Anyone who knows me knows that building things is not my gift.  I’m not afraid of the work.  I’ve worked at lots of different jobs and worked hard most all my life.  I said, “Terry, I’m not a builder”.  He said, “I’ll pay you $500.00/wk to come and drive the dump truck.”  Wow!  Even I can drive a dump truck.  I think I see a duck.   Do you see a duck?  We agreed.  Now, at least, we had someplace to go.
On Sept. 12, 1995 Kathi, Nathan and I sent the truck with our furniture on ahead of us to Warner Robbins and we spent a couple of days visiting with Steve and Linda Coder.  We had rented an apartment in Warner Robbins.  It was on the second floor.  When we arrived, I opened the door and our things were literally stacked ‘floor to ceiling’.  I have not been one to get easily depressed, but folks, I was depressedFrown  Most of the rooms looked the same way.  I did not say a word.  Kathi started hanging pictures. Laughing  Did I mention she is a nester?  I moved some boxes out of my way till I could find my easy chair.  I sat down, closed my eyes and began to pray.  I said, ‘Jesus, how long am I going to be here’?  I prayed for a while and to my surprise my precious Savior spoke to me.  He told me Iwould be there for about 6-8 weeks.
We unpacked, and on Monday I went to work.  Mr. ‘Dump-Truck Driver, right?  Wrong!  The whole time I was there I drove the dump truck one time.  Terry had me 80 feet in the air nailing trusses and putting on plywood.  God and Terry both have a wonderful sense of humor.  One time I was on top of that 80 foot Church leaning over the side nailing a truss.  Terry grabbed hold of the back of my pants where my belt was and said, Pastor Dave you may fall off here, but if you do you will go without your pants.  I’ve got you.  I’ve thought about that experience many times through the years.  Terry’s words were so true.  He really did have me.  He gave me a job in a skilled position for which I was not qualified just because I was his Christian brother.  Greater love hath no man than this.  Thanks Terry.  I’ll never forget it.
 During the sixth week I received a call from another Christian pastor.  His brotherinlaw, a pastor in Ormond Beach, Florida was in the final stages of a large building project.  It seems they were trying to build their new sancturary and be debt-free.  Unfortunately, the pressure and the long hours had brought this dear pastor, Gary Powell, to the point of exhaustion.  His brotherinlaw asked, if he could get me a salary for eight (8) weeks, would I  be willing to go and help Gary so he could get away for a few weeks.  I said, “Well, the Lord told me I’d be here about 8 weeks so I guess I’m ready.  Kathi, Nathan and I put most of our belongings in storage in Warner Robbins, packed our car as full as we could get it and off we went to Ormond Beach, Florida to Oasis Christ Fellowship.  We were going to help a precious brother in the Lord.  Little did we know that we were the ones, who would be helped.  Here ducky, ducky ducky!  There you are!
Still More to come…

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