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On June 7, 1969 Kathi and I were married at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Charleston, WV by the Reverends Daniel Light and Archie Snedeggar. We spent our honeymoon in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania at the Mount Airy Lodge. It has been nearly 40 years since that precious day. No two people could have been more in love than we were then, and, by God’s grace, still love one another today. Our journey together has traversed both hill and dale, and has not been without a few bumps in the proverbial road, while experiencing many highs as well. I think both of us would say that we understand more today what it means to love deeply.

We had been married only five weeks when we loaded everything we had into a 4X8 U-Haul, hooked it onto our 1967 yellow, Camaro and started on the long journey to Fort Worth, Texas so that I could begin my seminary studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Yes…seminary! I, who could hardly wait to graduate from Marshall, and, guess who did not particularly like school, and was now enrolled in seminary to prusue the Masters of Divinity degree. Kathi and I went to Fort Worth with no job and no place to live. We were young, visionaries with a deep desire to serve  God and with a faith we thought could move mountains…and it did. Our first night in Fort Worth was spent in the Fort Worther Motel. It was July 20, 1969, the same day Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon. As I lay in that motel bed that night, young, adventurous, and scared to death, I told Kathi I was so frightened that I would run, but I didn’t even know in which direction to run. She confessed later, she didn’t know, if I was about to confess to being a serial killer or what (not really, but my statement did cause her some concern).

The next morning we searched till we found the seminary (Kathi cried, when we got there). Then we began to search for an apartment to rent. Thankfully, we found a place just one block from the seminary. It was an old, two-story house, which had been divided into 4 apartments. We were in the upper right-hand side. There was no insulation and no air conditioning and we were in Texas in July…sooo…hot would be one way to describe it; a hundred and ten degrees in the shade. We hardly had any money but we bought a 5000 BTU air conditioner to go in one room and we bought…well…a miniature daschund. Yeah…I know! What can I say. We were kids. The dog’s name was ‘Kathi’s Happiday’ and we called him, ‘Happy’. We kept him for a couple of years until he fell in love with a female German Shepherd and ran away from home. SMILE!

The Lord provided a job for Kathi. She taught high school Spanish at Lake Worth, High School, while I went to school. It was not an easy assignment but she shouldered the load and made it possible for me to go to the seminary full-time. Thanks honey!

We spent three and 0ne-half years in Fort Worth. The experiences we shared there are too many to tell. I was priveleged to receive some of the finest Christian training available, and sat under the teaching of some of the greatest men of God I have ever known. Perhaps some of the greatest blessings given to us at that time were the friends we made. We still share fellowship with some of them. Lonnie, Harry, and Norma Jean are three with whom we shared some of the most precious memories. Who else would fix fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and biscuits after church on Sunday night? What about all those nights before Thanksgiving when we stayed up nearly all night baking turkey and pecan and pumpkin pies? Then, there was Johnny and Ginger and Pat and Venita, with whom we shared classes and ministry both in Texas and Colorado. Yes, Texas was very good to us, but the greatest gifts we received from there were our two oldest Children: Chad, who is nearly37 and Stacye, who is coming upon 36. Wow! Were we ever proud of those two! They both have families of their own now. Stacye lives with her husband and two boys in West Virginia and Chad lives in Texas with his wife and son and daughter. God gave us one West Virginian, Nathan Aaron, “God’s gift from the mountain”. He lives in New York City and is following his dream of acting and writing.          He is a wonderful man as well. The Bible says that children are ‘an heritage from the Lord’, and the parents are blessed, whose quiver is full… Kathi and I are more blessed than we deserve.

Permit me to share one anecdote from those years in Texas. Languages have never been easy for me. Imagine me         having to take both Greek and Hebrew? I’m glad I did, but I would not want to repeat the experience. One day for some ‘very good’ reason I had not done my Greek homework. I was NOT going to class without it so I decided to cut class. I seldom did such a thing but this was as good a day as any to do it, or so I thought. Greek was my last class of the day so I decided, since I had this self-imposed vacation, that I should celebrate by going home. However, I felt I needed a cup of hot chocolate. I stopped by the student center to purchase it and sat at one of the tables to relax a moment before going home. Wouldn’t you know it? Just about the time I was about to take my first sip in through the door came Dr. Doug Ezell and the entire Greek class. There I sat with…well…with chocolate on my face, and some explaining to do. Dr. Ezell saw me and said, “Well, Dave, what are you doing here?” He then proceeded to gather all the class around my table and they sang “Just As I Am”. All good fun. I was definitely convicted and never cut class again.

I graduated in December 1972. It was a proud day. I had managed to squeeze three years of study into three and a half. LOL! But, that really wasn’t too bad, considering we had two children and Kathi had to quit teaching. So, I worked full-time and went to school full-time. Now I was ready to begin ministry full-time…or so I thought. During the next 30+ years we were to experience a small portion of what it means to ‘take up the cross and follow Jesus.’


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