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My Journey

Following is a brief testimony of my journey in Christ.  Perhaps reading about my walk will both inspire and challenge you in your own walk with God.  My mistakes are many but hopefully the lessons I’ve learned in the process will be helpful to all who read…


 I was born in a little river town called Point Pleasant and grew up in a small community in West Virginia near the Kanawhat River called Beech Hill.  My parents were a little older when they had me (37), and were told by the doctor that after giving birth to my brother nine years previously that they would not be able to have other children.  Fortunately for me my parents had developed a habit of prayer and so they each began to pray, without letting the other know, that God would send them a ‘man of God’.  Surprise!

Once I arrived on the scene the evidence of a ‘calling’ on my life should have been evident.  The first two months of my life were critical.  I was not growing like I should and I could not keep any food on my stomach.  Shortly after I would eat my mother told me that I would throw-up everything.  So forceful was my body’s reaction to eating that the force of it would carry across the room (or so it seemed).  After many trips to the Holzer Clinic in Gallipolis, OH., Dr. Charles Holzer decided he would do exploratory surgery to see what might be wrong with me.  As you might imagine, my parents were quite concerned, especially my mother.  Finally, the day arrived, when I was to be taken to the hospital.  My father owned and operated a restaurant/truck stop, which was located next door to our little house.  My mother did most of the baking and some of the cooking of the vegetables each day.  Apparently, they did not have to take me to the hospital until the afternoon, so mother was peeling potatoes for mashing…and she was praying for me.  It had been a miracle that I had come to them and now it appeared my time here would be rather short.  While peeling and praying, she said she heard the voice of God so clearly it seemed almost audible.  He said so sweetly to her, “Where is your faith?  The child will be alright.”  At that point she said a peace came over her that she could never describe to anyone.  Later that day they took me to the hospital and Dr. Holzer said, “Well, we’ll see if we can tell what’s wrong with this little fellow.   My mother responded, “Do whatever you need to do.  The Lord has told me he will be alright.”  Once they cut my stomach open they found I had pyloric stenosis.  It seems there is a muscle between the stomach and the intestines that let’s  food out and…well it was closed and wouldn’t open.  Dr. Charles just stuck his finger through it and opened it.  He also took out my appendix, since I wasn’t in the habit of eating rocks and would not need it for digesting them (so they thought back then anyway).  Now, at almost 61 years, my problem is not digesting food.  It’s eating too much of it.  Oh, the trials of having a wife, who is a marvelous cook.

At the age of two another crisis arose and required more surgery.  Unfortunately, this experience was so traumatic I remember vividly some of what happened.  I remember them strapping me down to the table.  I remember seeing both my mother and the doctor standing by the table.  I was kicking and screaming and wondering why my mother was letting them do what ever it was they were doing.  I have clear memory of the ether being administered.  In my mind it was a big, black mask.  Due to the fact I was beginning to talk in sentences and because my nervous system had been so traumatized, this event left me with a considerable speech defect.  I became a stutterer.

Throughout my childhood and teens the stuttering defined who I was.  The fear of it controlled me and drove me to be a more introverted personality.  Couple that with an undiagnosed ADD/ADHD thing going on and I  was…well…a handful, I’m sure.  I don’t think I was a mean child, just mischievous.   I was easily picked on by bullies until one day a boy in the neighborhood through an apple and hit my dog, Terry.  I jumped on him like ugly on an ape and sent him home crying.  He never bothered me or my dog again and we became friends.  Think of that!

The stuttering followed me into high school but I found an outlet for my deflated ego.  I discovered I was a good athlete.  I played first string defense on the football team and was co-captain of the track team.  Our 4×400 relay team was one of the fastest in the state of West Virginia in 1965.dave-football.jpg

Upon graduation from high school I chose to go to college at Marshall University.  Did I mention I was a good athlete in high school.  Well…I didn’t say anything about being a good student, did I?  Student?…Not so much.  I barely made it into college on academic probation and my first two years at Marshall I thought I was at camp.  I went to some classes, played lots of basketball,  spent time with my friends, and…by the end of two years I was 13 quality points in the hole.  Because of my poor grades I had to go to school in the summers also to try and make up my quality points.  The summer before my junior year I met a beautiful young girl from Charleston, WV named Kathi Hall.  I had some special friends in summer school and she was acquainted with one of them.  One Sunday evening my friends and I decided to go to a Pizza Pub for dinner.  We had ordered and were just sitting and talking, when Kathi and her Marine boyfriend came into the Pub.  She needed to talk to one of the girls in our group.  I watched her walk in front of our table.  I watched her as she talked to our friend.  Then, I watched her walk back around the table and out the door.  As she and her boyfriend passed us the second time I nudged the guy sitting next to me and said, “I’m going to marry that girl.”  Shortly after that her boyfriend was deployed and they decided to see other people until he got home.  Kathi joined our group and before long our relationship began to bud.

MORE TO COME… (you can also view this permanently on “MY JOURNEY” page).

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  2. This reminds me of watching “Gunsmoke” as a kid. We would get all the way to the end and it would say, “to be continued”. Please don’t take to much longer.

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