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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known – Philippians 3:10


Like many pastors I am concerned about the condition of our nation, the Church and the future of our children. The moral decadence of our culture seems to reach new lows on an almost daily basis. I see the Church divided by a casualness and self-absorption that belies a society floundering without a secure belief system. When I surrendered to the call to preach the gospel, I realized that the call came with no guarantees of success (humanly speaking), and no assurances that the people to whom I preached would hear and respond with Godly obedience.

Much of my ministry and preaching has focused on “Knowing Christ and making him known”. Thus the title of this blog, “SUPREME AMBITION MINISTRIES”, received its name. I, along with numbers of other preachers, have sought to know Christ myself and lead others into the adventure as well. Sometimes, it seems I am like the proverbial ‘preacher preachin’ when the well is dry’. I preach and challenge but see little fruit. However, I had an experience recently that was so fulfilling I wanted to share it with you.

Our Church is very small. We have no children’s Church service so most all the people are subjected to my preaching week after week. For better or worse that’s the story. After the morning worship a couple of weeks ago, one of the ladies in the Church looked at her 11 year old daughter (soon to be 12) and said, ‘Tell Pastor Dave what happened’. She related the following account:

She said she was awakened from a deep sleep one morning and felt the Lord was saying to her, ‘First Corinthians 1:9’. She got up and got her Bible to see what the verse said. I asked her to tell me what it said, even though I already knew. She spoke in her soft, pre-adolescent voice, “You have been called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” Some weeks or months before I had preached a series of messages from that verse not knowing, if it had truly lodged in the heart of anyone. My joy was so great. I thought I might have experienced something of the joy of Evan Roberts in Wales in 1907, when Florrie Evans, a teenager said, ‘I love Jesus Christ with all my heart’, and revival hit the nation.

…Oh yeah…One more thing. The young girl’s mother said, “Tell him the rest.” She then said, “It was the first anniversary of my baptism.” What a heart! What a hope! I am very concerned about our nation. We must pray. We must preach. We must repent. Will anyone hear? Will anyone obey? I think I have my answer. At any moment God can speak to a young tender heart and make his word specific to her. YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED…Florrie…Katie…YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED UNTO THE FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SON…AND SO HAVE YOU. That one experience is worth Forty years of preaching. REALLY!

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  1. That’s wonderful. And it is inspiring from a teacher’s perspective as well!