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Just last evening I viewed a video presentation  by Louie Giglio that nearly blew my socks off. If you are like me, you get more ‘special’ stuff others want you to see than you want to take time to view. Trust me this is worth seeing. A quick review of Louie’s message will explain what I mean. Louie apparently was preaching in Tyler, Texas. After the service a man spoke to Louie about Louie’s future itinerary. Louie said he was going to his home church and preach a series, The Glory of God in the Human Body. At this point the man got really excited and said, ‘That’s great. I’m a molecular biologist at the university down the road.’ At this point the gentleman asked Louie to share with him some of the message he was going to preach. Louie said he struggled through what little he had prepared. The guy then said, “What’s your left hook? You need a left hook?” Louie admitted he didn’t have one. Following is a synopsis of what the molecular biologist told Louie was the foundation of the Glory of God in the Human Body.

Laminin…yep…Laminin. I’d never heard of it either. Apparently, Laminin is one of the multiplied thousands of protein molecules found in the body. It is a unique molecule called a cell-adhesion molecule. Laminin has the assignment of holding everything together in the human body so it doesn’t fall apart. It seems that cells organize in the body into specific structures and that organization determines what protein they are and what they do. There are upwards of 60 thousand of these in the body. The structure of the cell tells the cell what its job is in the body. Laminin is the cell-adhesion molecule. I didn’t know what that was either. But the biologist told Louie that Laminin is like the rebar of the human body. You know what rebar is right? It’s the long iron rods that construction workers put in cement to give it more strength and actually helps it hold together. So Laminin is like rebar for human life. In fact, if you ‘Google’ Laminin, this is what you see.

It doesn’t take a molecular biologist to figure out that Laminin is in the shape of the cross. I have preached from Colossians 1:17 for over 30 years, ‘And he (Christ) is before all things and in him all things HOLD TOGETHER.’ I have even acknowledged the term ‘HOLD TOGETHER’ indicates that Christ is the glue of the universe. I have always believed it to be true because God’s word says it but now, hidden deep within the molecular structure of the human body there is a signature of the truth displayed.

Truly, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. What a blessed assurance and reassurance for our oft tormented souls to know that there is One who is able to hold us together no matter what circumstances in life or devils in hell try to impose upon our fragile existence. We are held together both spiritually, physically, emotionally and literally by the One ‘who called us unto the Fellowship of his dear Son’ (I Cor. 9). Fear not weakened and weary warrior. When the battles of life seem to march toward your little fortress, or when the ‘big bad wolf’ comes knocking at your door. He may huff and puff but your little house is held together by more than bricks and mortar and rebar. We are held together by the one who conquered the greatest and strongest of all enemies…DEATH. ‘O Death, where is thy sting? O Grave, where is thy victory? I Cor. 15:55.

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  1. It is amazing how the passion of one person can light a fire in another who lights a fire in another who… Many will find encouragement in your words describing this little molecule and the thoughts and feelings it stirs in you. The fire spreads as the torch gets passed.