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If God Can Do That, He Can Do Anything!

daddy-and-little-girl.jpgOur daughter, Stacye, has always been “my little girl”. From the time she was able to toddle around the house she would follow me and get into whatever project or ‘honeydo’ thing I was doing. There are many experiences I could relate about her life, but none could match the lesson of faith God gave our family related to her wedding day.
Several years ago, while living in West Virginia, Kathi and I were enjoying a much needed ‘day-off’. We drove to a town about thirty minutes away and Kathi wanted to stop at a health-food store. I had little interest in going into the store so I stayed in the car and turned on a Christian radio station. They were playing some good worship music and I was enjoying the Presence of the Lord. Suddenly, a song began to play about a Daddy and his little girl. It was a ballad and the storyline spoke of the relationship between the Daddy and his little girl from her earliest years, through the teen struggles and ended on her wedding day. As the song played I began to think about Stacye. She was about 12 or 13 years old at the time but she seemed to be growing up all too quickly. I thought of what it might be like on her wedding day and I began to cryCry. Kathi came back to the car and found me dissolved in tears. Being the caring person she is, she asked what was wrong with me? I tried to tell her about the song and I told her I felt I needed to sing it on Stacye’s wedding day.
There was a problem, however. I did not know the name of the song and I did not know, who was singing it. I immediately called the radio station but they were unable to identify either the song or the recording artist. For several weeks and months I searched at Christian bookstores, record shops (that dates me doesn’t it?) and asked everyone I thought would know, but came up empty. Finally, I simply prayed a prayer of desperation. I said, “Lord, if you want me to sing that song at Stacye’s wedding one day, you’re going to have to find it for me. I’ve done everything I know to do and I just can’t find it.” At that point I was able to release the whole thing into the hands of a soverign God.
Days became weeks and weeks stretched into years. I don’t remember being overly anxious about finding the song. I had given it into the hands of the One who knows all, so why should I worry? Some years after, the Lord moved Kathi and me to Sarasota, Florida to minister to a small group of believers. We had been there about a year and a half and Kathi and I went out to eat at an Amish Diner. After enjoying a fine meal, we were walking out the door and I saw a poster advertising “Steve and Annie Chapman”. Steve and Annie are Christian entertainers. Dr. James Dobson has called them, “Missionaries to the home”. I said to Kathi, “Oh, honey! I would love to see Steve and Annie.” You see, Annie and I were raised in the same community. We went to the same Church, attended the same schools and belonged to the same 4-H Club. I had not seen her in many years and my heart thrilled to think of the opportunity to renew our fellowship.
The date arrived and Kathi and I went to the Mennonite Church in Sarasota for the concert. It was so good to hear them sing and several of their songs brought tears to our eyes. Just prior to intermission. Steve Chapman said there had been a request for a certain song that he had NOT planned to do, but he felt the Lord would have him grant the request. As he began to sing I immediately knew it was the song I had heard some eight years previously and which I had committed to the Lord to help me find. I turned to Kathi and said, in a not so quiet voice, “KATHI! THAT’S THE SONG”! I had spoken with such force and joy that people were turning around, looking at me from several different places in the sancturary.
Can you imagine the thrill in my heart? I had truly committed this into the hands of the Lord. I had not worried about it. I had actually trusted God about something that was really important to me…and do you know what I discovered? I discovered it was important to God too.
After the concert Kathi and I were invited by a family to share in a reception for Steve and Annie. We had a marvelous time reviewing ‘old times’ together as children. I finally had the opportunity to tell Annie the story I have just told you. She said to me, “Well, Dave, I’ll just send you the accompaniament tape so you can sing at Stacye’s wedding.
Little did I know eight years prior, sitting in my car, listening to a song on the radio in West Virginia that God was going to use that experience to teach me one of the greatest lessons of faith I have ever had. Later that night I was reflecting about the experience. I looked up to heaven, lifted my hands in praise and said, “God, if you can do that, you can do anything!” To this day that experience in Christ remains as one of the most glorious in my walk with Christ. I have reviewed it a number of times as I have faced times of testing and trial in the succeeding years. The thought of what God did for me then encourages me to continue to ‘fight the good fight of faith’.
Below are the words to: YOU’RE THE ONLY LITTLE GIRL IN MY HEART!
She skipped across the room in her pretty new dress.
Did a balerina turn in her patent leather shoes.
and to say the very least I was impressed. She was my little girl.
And we played our little game again. I said,
‘Who’s the only man in your heart’?
And she smiled as we held each other’s hands.
She said, ‘Daddy don’t ya’ know, Daddy don’t ya’ know?
You’re the only man in my heart.
A few years later in her life. I saw her walkin’ home from school.
She had her books in her arms and a young man at her side.
And I felt a jealous pain. And I felt just like a fool.
But when the young man told her ‘Bye, I said,
‘Can I walk with you’?
And we played our little game again. I said,
‘Who’s the only man in your heart’?
And she smiled as we held each other’s hands.
She said, ‘Daddy don’t ya’ know, Daddy don’t ya’ know?
You’re the only man in my heart’!
It’s hard to believe. That day has come and gone.
He put a ring on her hand that held her Daddy’s heart.
And I’ll always remember, when they played that wedding song,
the words my little girl said to me…
“Daddy! Can we play that little game?
Who’s the only little girl in your heart?”
And I cried as I softly called her name.
I said, “Honey, don’t ya’ know, Stacye don’t ya’ know
You’re the only little girl in my heart.
I don’t know what special thing God may have promised you or how bleak the situation might be to see it come to pass. My encouragement is for you to turn it over to the One, who knows all things and, who is able to do exceeding, abundantly more than we can ask or think. Who knows? You may be having a quiet evening out with your companion or friend and, in a moment God may do something special for you too…And, if God can do that, he can do anything.
Oh yeah…I and Stacye’s best friend, Naomi, did sing the song at her wedding. I ‘blubbered’ my way through it. But it was even more special than I can tell you. She’s still the only ‘little’ girl in my heart.

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12 Responses to “If God Can Do That, He Can Do Anything!”

  1. Dear Pastor Dave,
    I loved hearing that story again. You had shared it with us before, but it touched my heart once again. Especially with our “Daddy’s little girl” getting married so soon. It is such a sweet song – but also such a wonderful tesitmony of the faithfulness of God – to get you to that song.
    In His Love,

  2. Wow!

  3. Well, Stacye told me I needed to read your blog, and she said that it would make me cry… right, I thought. I started reading and the post was sweet and personal, but I did not cry – until I actually read the lyrics. All of the sudden I was in Sarasota, 13 years ago, listening to you “blubering” (your word not mine) the song while I was having the most important event in my life… Stacye was right.

  4. I found this article when I also was searching for the words to this song. Very interesting! I wanted to include the words in a card for my father’s birthday in November.

    Also interesting because I worked for a while at a Christian camping and retreat center north of Tampa owned by a group of Mennonites who were mostly from the Sarasota area! And one of the board members has a Mennonite restaurant in Sarasota. Could it be the same one?

    Blessings to you in your ministry.

  5. I also came across this post while I was searching for the lyrics and title and performing artist of this song. My Father used to sing it to me every night as I went to bed I had my heart set on making him a custom CD for Christmas this year that would include “father and daughter songs that he sang to me and my younger sister while we were growing up, but I have yet to find a place to get a copy of this specific song. Your story truly touched me when I read it.

  6. Interesting story; I’m happy this worked out so well at your daughter’s wedding! I would add a word of caution, though, to any parents considering the use of this song in their child’s wedding: be sure your motives are correct. Do not play this to stoke feelings of sorrow over the loss of your daughter to another man. If you are doing this, you are already interfering with your daughter’s biblical mandate to leave and cleave to her husband.

    The wedding is not an appropriate time to be focusing primarily on the relationship between father and daughter. It’s more about leaving and cleaving to the husband. Playing this song at a wedding has the potential to show great disrespect to the husband. (Read the lyrics, pretending you are the groom standing up front: “daddy is the only man in my heart” is not what he probably wants to be hearing.) It also has the potential to put strain on your daughter’s conscience in marriage; your daughter should be able to have a clean conscience about leaving her father to cleave to her husband.

  7. I have sang along with this song ever since I was a little girl. I had a tape with this song on it. It was sung by a little girl. I want to hear it so bad and I can’t find the tape and I can’t seem to find a recording of it anywhere.
    I love this song!

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  9. I found this post while searching for this song on the internet. My father is a pastor, and we sang this together in church a few times when I was a little girl. I wanted to play it for our father/daughter dance at my upcoming wedding. This was a beautiful story. As for the comment by Juan about a husband not wanting this song played at a wedding…they couldn’t be further from correct. My future husband knows how special this song is to my father and me. He was actually the one who encouraged me to find the song and play it. If your husband truly loves, respects, and understands you then he won’t be jealous over this song. He will thank Jesus that he gave you a wonderful father who taught you to be the young woman you are today. 🙂

  10. India,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments about “Your the Only Little Girl in My Heart”. I agree with your thoughts. How wonderful that you had the opportunity to sing the song with your father. Blessings to you and your dear husband.
    Dave Anderson

  11. Thank so much for posting this, I’ve been trying to find the lyrics to this song for so long. My dad and I always used to sing this song before bed when we were growing up and I’ve been trying to find the song and the lyrics and the song for my dad as a father’s day gift and then again for our father daughter dance at my wedding, and I was heart broken when the radio and everyone else I called couldn’t identify it either.

  12. Jeanette,
    How precious that you have that memory with your Dad. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and God bless you.