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Salt and Light 2

…The previous sharing gave the Biblical challenge for being salt and light in a post-modern culture. The following is a true account of how the Lord helped Kathi and me to flavor our life in a positive way for our neighbors:

In a community where we lived there was a young couple who purchased the home next door to ours. The young woman’s father was a good man whose desire was to help his daughter and her family get settled in to their new place. On several occasions this gentleman spoke with me about what he intended to do to make sure all things were right with the property. One of the things on his list was to have a survey done on the property lines. He told me, if the neighbor’s fence directly behind me was on his line, he would be sure it was moved or their would be a law suit.

Several days later I noticed the surveyor with his transit sighting the lines. The next day my new friend came to me and he looked very concerned. He said the survey showed that his fence was so many feet on my property. He apologized and said for me to decide what I wanted for the property and let him know. As soon as he spoke I knew what I wanted for the property but felt I should check with Kathi first, since she is part owner also. I told her the story and she said, “What do you think about charging him $1.00?” I said, “That is exactly the amount I had in mind.”

The next day I saw my friend working in the yard next door and so I stopped what I was doing and struck up a conversation with him. I could tell he was uneasy so I said, “Oh, by the way, I checked with Kathi about the sale of the land and we thought maybe $1.00 would be sufficient, if you think that is ok.” He looked at me and said, “Oh that is more than alright.” He left rather abruptly, but then the next day I saw him again. He apologized for leaving so quickly but he said he was so taken aback by what we had done that he was in tears. You see, this man is not a Christian. He has made statements, letting me know of the hypocrisy he has seen in those who claim to be Christian and their behavior has hurt him so much that he wants little to do with them. He said, to me, however, what you and your wife have done will cause me to put your names on the top of the list when I think of Preachers.

The next day I was in the yard again and here came the man’s wife and their daughter toward me with tears streaming down their cheeks. They said some very kind words. My response…”This is how Jesus wants his people to be…” The property is not really ours. It belongs to our Lord. I thought it possible that Jesus could have allowed us to buy this home just to have the opportunity to be SALT AND LIGHT to a man who has been disappointed by professing Christians all his life. Maybe he knows now that there are some of us who live for more than the things of this world. We live, hopefully, to bring his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

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3 Responses to “Salt and Light 2”

  1. And this is just what Jesus wants us to do. We complicate things way too much. What if we just lived like He lived and loved like He loved. What if we were just simple people with simple lives and a simple love for God and our fellow man? What if we just decided to yield to Him in every area of our lives and trust Him for all things?
    I believe that you bought that house just to minister to that man and his family. Isn’t that the very heart of God? I know that the same Jesus who took time to touch and heal lepers, the outcasts of society, would and could order your steps simply to touch the heart of one man.
    Remember it is the goodness of God that leads men to repentance, not the wrath or judgement. I know God is pleased with what you did. It was simple, but oh so mighty in the sight of heaven.
    This has encouraged me. I will stay tuned.
    love you guys!!!

  2. Good thoughts and we Anderson’s know how salt does preserve don’t we!!!

  3. That is SO wonderful! So exciting! How fast the world would change if we could all be as Christlike.